Academy Trusts - What is the role of 'members'?

Academy Trusts - What is the role of 'members'?

Author: Ruth MurtonDate posted: October 2015

When an academy trust is set up it is done by ‘members’ who officially establish the company and sign the funding agreement with the Secretary of State for Education. However, their role, as members has never truly been explained. In this article we explore the answers to questions such as; what is their ongoing role and what are they accountable for?

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Recruiting a Headteacher in 2019 webinar

This Better Governor webinar will explore the role of governance in recruiting headteachers and focus on best practice in ensuring schoools secure the leadership they deserve. The cost of not being successful in recruiting a headteacher places a significant premium on getting the whole process right first time. Governing Bodies and Trust Boards need to ensure that investing in a recruitment process delivers value for money. The webinar will be hosted by two of our governance experts; Steve More...Barker and Linda Waghorn. There will be opinion polls conducted during the webinar and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, by typing them in, or through being invited to ask them live on air.