This area of the Better Governor website, focuses on news articles and reports that highlight school issues impacting on pupils, their needs and requirements, and how governing bodies can ensure their school provides the right support, at the right time, to all pupils, from the most vulnerable to the most able.

  • Looked after children - effective governance oversight (Recorded October 2020)

    This Better Governor Webinar explored effective governance oversight of the provision for, and outcomes of, Looked After Children. We focused on the statutory expectations and how Looked after Children, including those who have left local authority care through adoption, special guardianship order or child arrangements order are classified as disadvantaged, attracting pupil premium and the governance responsibilities that accompany this.

    Consultant: Steve Barker October 2020

  • The role of the Safeguarding Governor in 2020 (October 2020)

    This Better Governor webinar explored the expectations relating to the role of the nominated Safeguarding Governor. We focused on the opportunities that the Safeguarding Governor should take in developing a deeper knowledge of safeguarding, how they should engage with the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), the questions they should asking the DSL and how they should share what they learn, in order to enhance the collective knowledge of the board.

    Consultant: Steve Barker September 2020

  • Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020 Webinar (Recorded July 2020)

    This webinar focuses on the new version of Keeping Children Safe In Education (KCSIE) 2020, which comes into force on September 1st. The session explores the key changes in KCSIE, particularly those that are of greatest relevance to school governance and our role in ensuring compliance.

    Consultant: Steve Barker July 2020

  • DfE Confirms PE & Sport Premium funding for 2020-21

    On Sunday 5th July the Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson confirmed the continuation funding for the PE & Sport Premium for the next academic year.

    Consultant: Sam Williams July 2020

  • Health & Safety - the strategic oversight of governance in 2020 (Recorded June 2020)

    This Better Governor webinar focuses on Health and Safety in our schools and trusts, from the perspective of those responsible for governance. We explore the compliance, what the focus of monitoring should be and reflect on effective oversight of Health & Safety in the context of the current Covid-19 situation as schools move towards a planed September reopening.

    Consultant: Steve Barker June 2020

  • Safeguarding children and young people from radicalisation in 2020

    This Better Governor webinar focused on the hidden threat that the Covid-19 crisis has led to emanating out of the additional amount of time children and young people are currently spending online. We explored the key threats to children and young people's safeguarding that are presented through the all forms of media including online. Those involved in governance will be asked to reflect on what we know our schools and trusts have in place to prevent vulnerable pupils being radicalised and we will be offering advice on the types of question governors should ask to seek assurance.

    Consultant: Steve Barker June 2020

  • SEND – what governors need to know (Recorded June 2020)

    This Better Governor webinar explores Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) from the perspective of governance strategic oversight. We focus on the role of school governance and its statutory duties for SEND provision and outcomes.

    Consultant: Steve Barker June 2020

  • Overseeing Pupil Mental Health & well being

    This is the second article focusing on the governance of pupil mental health provision in recognition of Mental Health Week (18-22 May 2020). In this article we will further explore the role of governance in oversight of mental health provision for pupils, as schools prepare for wider reopening from 1 June.

    Consultant: Linda Lissimore May 2020

  • Mental Health Awareness week

    Mental Health Awareness week – what school governors need to know

    Consultant: Steve Barker May 2020

  • Effective Parental Engagement – what governors need to know (Recorded May 2020)

    This webinar enables governors and trustees to focus on why parental engagement is vital, and the importance of governance in ensuring that parents and carers are involved in decision making. We consider the difference between good communication and effective engagement and reflect on the value of both in ensuring that boards are connected with, and answerable to the communities they serve, particularly parents/carers.

    Consultant: Steve Barker May 2020


Pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds worst affected by the loss of learning

The Department of Education (DfE) has published research findings examining the extent of learning amongst all students in England, during the Autumn and Spring terms of the current academic year. The research was conducted by The Education Policy Institute (EPI) and Renaissance Learning, for the DfE and follows interim findings from earlier research, published in February this year.