Linda Lissimore

  • Hot Topics Webinar (Recorded Monday 20th January 2020)

    This Hot Topics webinar focused on what is new in Education that governors, trustees and clerks need to know about.

    January 2020

  • Clerks' Briefing Webinar - (Recorded 29th January 2020)

    This Clerks' Briefing webinar is aimed at Clerks to Governing Boards and Trust Boards in both maintained schools and academies. This is an opportunity to get up to speed on the issues that are of relevance to school governance this term, which should influence agenda setting for this term's meetings.

    January 2020

  • The Governance of Sustainable schools webinar

    This webinar explored the growing interest in the sustainability of schools. Media attention in global warming, waste reduction, recycling and ecologically sound behaviours has focused pupils, parents and staff reflection on knowledge, learning and practice in schools. We considered global drivers and some of the local solutions that schools are successfully implementing, and how school governance should ensure effective oversight.

    February 2020

  • Clerk's Forum Webinar - Recorded 24th February 2020

    We are almost two years on from GDPR and the Data Protection Act of 2018 and this webinar explored good practice for clerking based on lessons learnt in that time.

    February 2020

  • Ofsted Quality of Education judgement (Recorded February 2020)

    This Better Governor webinar will explore the Quality of Education judgement within the Ofsted framework introduced in September 2019. We will focus on how inspectors arrive at their judgement including, the evidence they look for in schools and reflect on how this impacts on governance in 2020.

    February 2020

  • Pupil Exclusions - the role of governance webinar (Recorded 03/03/2020)

    This webinar explored the role of governors and trustees in Pupil Exclusions,

    February 2020

  • Relationship & Sex Education in 2020 Webinar (Recorded 10/03/2020)

    This webinar explored the new statutory requirement, from September 2020, for all schools to teach relationship, and where relevant, sex education

    March 2020

  • Safeguarding - what governors need to know in 2020 (Recorded March 2020)

    This Better Governor webinar focused on safeguarding in schools and academies and what effective governance oversight looks like in 2020.

    March 2020

  • Safer Recruitment webinar - what governors need to know (March 2020)

    This Better Governor webinar focused on Safer Recruitment in educational settings and explore the role and responsibilities of governing bodies and trust boards. We refer to existing statutory guidance and give an overview of the changes in the draft version of Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020, which the Department for Education are currently consulting on.

    March 2020

  • New to Clerking webinar - 25/03/2020 -12-1

    If you are a recently appointed clerk, this webinar will help you understand the key roles and responsibilities of the clerk to the board, introduce you to the Clerking Competency Framework and other essential documents, and signpost you to opportunities for future development.

    March 2020


Better Governor Conference - Creating a Sustainable Future - 25th March 2022

The 2022 Better Governor virtual conference will look to the future of schools and their governance as a response to both the pandemic and to last year’s COP26 world forum on sustainability. Our speakers will explore how governance can and should evolve to encompass effective strategic oversight of the role that schools play in future-proofing our children and young people. We will have a specific focus on how governance can respond to recent challenge