Debbie Clapshaw

Head of Governor Support Services, Babcock LDP, Babcock International Group

Debbie joined the Governor Support Team in Devon in 1998 and has led the team since 2005. With a wealth of experience in planning and delivering training to governors over the last 17 years, Debbie has particular knowledge and expertise with regard to advising governing bodies on developing partnership working and facilitating school-to-school support.

Devon’s Governor Support team works with almost 400 schools, supporting 4,500 governors and clerks through the delivery of advice, training and information via a range of media. The well- established team of 7 have 70 years collective experience in delivering the service. The team also works together with a number of very experienced associates, all of whom have a wealth of experience as governors, chairing governing bodies, trainers and facilitators. We also work very closely with key partner organisations, the Diocese of Exeter and our local Devon Association of Governors, with whom we enjoy an excellent relationship.

Devon is recognised nationally in the development of policy, materials and resources for supporting governing bodies to move into formalised partnerships – collaborative arrangements, federations and multi-academy trusts. Debbie was invited to be part of a national reference group in 2007 to help formulate a set of resources for the Department for Education and the National College for Teaching and Leadership. As a Local Authority with a majority of small and rural schools, a focus of the work of the Governor Support Team over the last 8 years has been to ensure that governors are well informed about the options available to them to secure strong leadership and a viable and sustainable school for the future in the community. As a result of our work almost 50% of all Devon schools are already in a formalised partnership arrangement.

In 2010 Debbie worked in partnership with the Devon Association of Primary Headteachers to help to establish a new School Leadership Support Service, working very closely with headteachers and Chairs of Governors to ensure the broader needs of leaders in schools could be supported and addressed.

Debbie is a trained and accredited mediator and has experience in Change Management. Having previously worked in the voluntary sector Debbie also has a deep commitment to ensuring volunteers have access to the information, advice and training they deserve in order to support their role.

Debbie has 20 years’ experience as a school governor and has chaired both a primary and secondary school governing body. Debbie continues to try to practice what she preaches as an associate member of the governing body of her local church primary school in the village where she lives and where her children attended.

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    Financial School Performance subscriber podcast

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    March 2016

  • Hot Topics Webinar (April 2016)

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    April 2016

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Webinar - The Governors' role in Pay Decisions

This Better Governor webinar will focus on school teachers’ pay and the role that governing boards should play in making decisions relating to pay awards. Governing Boards have statutory duties relating to Teachers’ Pay and this webinar will take you through these responsibilities, explaining the difference between performance-related pay and decisions on annual pay awards linked to the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD). We will also explore how effective pay committees operate and what information governors should expect to receive to support their decision making. The session will be facilitated by two of our governance experts; Steve Barker and Linda Waghorn and will be a mix of input from them, live opinion polls and the opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.