This section will help clerks to governing bodies and trust boards find resources relating to specific expectations of their role and responsibilities. A range of webinars, podcasts and articles detailing good practice, procedural guidance and information on a variety of topics relevant to clerking are contained in this section. Do not forget, generic content on Ofsted, Safeguarding etc. is to be found in other areas of our Better Governor website.

  • Clerks’ Forum - Ofsted in the Autumn Term (Recorded July 2021)

    This Clerks' Forum featured focussed discussion on the various announcements and publications from Ofsted, that inform school's understanding of what the current inspection framework will look like in the Autumn Term. We explored elements of Ofsted's administration processes, how the revised handbooks impact on the role of governance during inspection and key themes emerging relating to lockdown and impact of school closures. The webinar supported clerks in their role of providing advice and guidance to governors.

    Consultant: Steve Barker July 2021

  • Clerks' Briefing (Recorded 2021)

    This Better Governor webinar briefed clerks to governing boards in both maintained schools and academies on the key themes in education in general and school governance specifically that should be impacting on board agendas in the summer term of 2021.

    Consultant: Steve Barker April 2021

  • The clerk as a professional advisor (Recorded April 2021)

    This Better Governor webinar focused on the key competence of the professional clerk; that of providing advice and guidance to governing boards. We explored how this is best achieved and outline strategies that clerks can employ to overcome barriers to them being enabled and empowered to do so.

    Consultant: Steve Barker March 2021

  • Listening to your Clerk Podcast

    This podcast features a focussed discussion between our two governance and Clerking experts; Steve Barker and Linda Waghorn. Steve and Linda explore how the role and expectations of the clerk to the Governing Board have evolved and now extend to the confident provision of advice, support and guidance to the chair of the board and all governors. The session focuses on expectations and how working together clerks, chairs and their boards can improv the effectiveness of governance in their school or trust.

    Consultant: Steve Barker March 2021

  • Clerks’ Forum (Recorded March 2021

    This webinar focused on the planned return to school, for all pupils, on March 8th and the implications that this has for governance generally and clerking specifically, both in terms of agenda setting and supporting advice and guidance.

    Consultant: Steve Barker February 2021

  • Admission Appeal Panels - the role of the Clerk - 25th February - 14:00-15:00

    This Better Governor webinar will explore the vital role that the clerk plays in supporting the work of schools and Academy Trust Appeal Panels. We will focus on how the clerk's role encompasses administration, including minute taking, but also the provision of support and guidance to panel members, and where asked to appellants. Clerks will also be made aware of the additional considerations for the conduct of appeal panel hearings, that have been put in place during the pandemic.

    Consultant: Steve Barker February 2021

  • Setting the agenda - Podcast

    This Better Governor podcast features a conversation between our two governance experts; Steve Barker and Linda Waghorn. Steve and Linda are discussing the process of Governing Body agenda setting.

    Consultant: Steve Barker January 2021

  • Clerks' Briefing (Recorded January 2021)

    This Spring Term Clerks' Briefing session ensured clerks to maintained schools and academies are briefed on what they need to know, in preparation for the coming term's meetings. We explored the latest guidance from the Department for Education and its implications for school governance in addition to focusing on key aspects of compliance and effective governance, that clerks should be incorporating into their planning.

    Consultant: Steve Barker January 2021

  • Clerks' Forum (Recorded December 2020)

    This Better Governor webinar focused on Data Protection from the perspective of the clerk to the Governing Body/Trust Board. We explored GDPR and the 2018 Data Protection Act implementation by schools, what governance should ensure is in place, and the potential considerations that have arisen from Covid-19 and its impact on schools.

    Consultant: Steve Barker December 2020

  • Understanding the Company Secretary Function (Recorded November 2020)

    This Better Governor webinar explored the role of the Company Secretary, which many clerks, within Academies, find themselves asked to fulfil. We explored the key duties relating to the role of Company Secretary, as they apply within an academy trust, focusing on the elements of Company Law, compliance and filing.

    Consultant: Steve Barker November 2020

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Pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds worst affected by the loss of learning

The Department of Education (DfE) has published research findings examining the extent of learning amongst all students in England, during the Autumn and Spring terms of the current academic year. The research was conducted by The Education Policy Institute (EPI) and Renaissance Learning, for the DfE and follows interim findings from earlier research, published in February this year.