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  • Chairs' Forum - 16th June - 7PM

    This Better Governor webinar will look to the future of governance as the country moves forward from lockdown, school closures and more than a year of remote governance meetings. We will focus on the leadership role of the chair in ensuring the full restoration of key aspects of effective governance in 2021 including boards fully restoring their strategic overview and fulfilling their core functions, in the light of a continued absence of national pupil performance data, ongoing Teacher and Headteacher workload and well-being concerns, and the backdrop of recovery.

    Consultant: Steve Barker June 2021

  • Hot Topics (Recorded April 2021)

    This Hot Topics webinar explored what is new and relevant to school governance, that may impact on effective governance in the Summer term 2021 and beyond. The topics included are; new rules relating to Pupil Premium reporting, Behaviour Hubs, Ofsted plans for inspection of schools, and the new Early Career Framework.

    Consultant: Steve Barker April 2021

  • The role of the School Business Manager and how it supports governance (Recorded March 2021)

    This Better Governor webinar explored how effective governance relies on effective working relationships between the School Business Manager(SBM)/Bursar and the Governing Board. We explored key aspects of the SBM/Bursar role highlighting where this supports timely decision making by the board and in turn, the board's effective strategic oversight of school finance.

    Consultant: Steve Barker March 2021

  • Better Governor Conference - The Governance of Inclusion in 2021 (Recorded April 2021)

    This Better Governor online conference explored governors’ strategic oversight of inclusion in our schools, in the aftermath of Covid-19 lockdowns and partial school closures. Our speakers focused on key aspects of provision from the perspective of what those in governance need to know.

    Consultant: Steve Barker March 2021

  • Chairs’ Forum – Keeping Governance a collective responsibility (Recorded March 2021)

    Since March 2020 governing boards in schools and academies have effectively transitioned from face-to-face to virtual meetings, and for the most part these meetings are shorter in duration. This Better Governor webinar explored how, with virtual meetings most likely continuing well into the summer term, chairs can ensure that governance; is not over-reliant on the chair, recognises the value in effective delegation and, remains a collective responsibility. We discussed practical examples of how chairs can encourage participation and ensure an inclusive ethos within the board.

    Consultant: Steve Barker March 2021

  • Hot Topics - Return to School special (Recorded March 2021)

    This Hot Topics webinar was an additional session focussing on the planned return to school, for all pupils, on March 8th. We explored and clarified Department for Education guidance, which has been extensive, since the Prime Minister's announcement on 22nd Feb and distil this into the key points that we believe governance needs to be aware of.

    Consultant: Steve Barker February 2021

  • The role of the vice chair (Recorded February 2021)

    This Better Governor webinar explored the position of the vice-chair to the Governing Body. We looked at the very few regulations that apply and focus on the advantages that good practice in the role can bring to effective governance in both maintained schools and academies. This session helped; chairs improve workload through ideas for delegation and sharing, vice-chairs in becoming more effective, and any governor contemplating taking on the role, reflect on how they too can contribute towards effective governance of their school or trust.

    Consultant: Steve Barker February 2021

  • Recruiting School Governors during lockdown Podcast

    This Better Governor podcast focuses on the challenges that governing boards face in recruiting new governors, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Consultant: Steve Barker February 2021

  • Governance: Structures and Role Descriptors in Maintained Schools Podcast

    This Better Governor podcast explores the Department of Education (DfE) guidance document Structures and Role descriptors, published in late 2020.

    Consultant: Steve Barker February 2021

  • Handling school complaints during lockdown Podcast

    This podcast focuses on a discussion between our two governance experts; Steve Barker and Linda Waghorn. They explore the latest guidance from the Department of Education, specifically within the context of Remote Learning emphasising the role of those involved in governance.

    Consultant: Steve Barker January 2021

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DfE update school website requirements

On 12th February 2021, the Department for Education updated What maintained schools must publish online and the academy version; What academies, free schools and colleges should publish online. Both publications have been updated to reflect the statutory requirements relating to remote learning.