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  • Chairs’ Forum (RECORDED MARCH '24)

    This Better Governor webinar, delivered by governance expert Steve Barker, enabled attendees to have an opportunity to air concerns; burning issues or simply ask a question. Looked at sharing best practice tips and ideas.

    Consultant: Steve Barker March 2024

  • Safeguarding – How do we know Podcast

    This Better Governor podcast features a conversation between our two governance experts: Steve Barker and Linda Waghorn. Steve and Linda are reflecting on what governing boards should be talking about and doing at the end of autumn term 2023 moving into spring term 2024, specifically related to their monitoring and safeguarding role and how governors seek that assurance. Steve and Linda will also be thinking about the compliance role of governors in safeguarding. Podcast length: 24 minutes

    Consultant: Steve Barker December 2023

  • How values shape school culture Podcast

    This Better Governor podcast features a conversation between our two governance experts: Steve Barker and Linda Waghorn. Steve and Linda are discussing how to ensure values in our school are driven by our visions and how as governing bodies and boards we should think about including the monitoring evaluation of values in what we do. Podcast length: 20minutes 15

    Consultant: Steve Barker December 2023

  • Making Governor visits effective (Recorded Nov '23)

    This webinar focussed on how, as governors, we make our own visits to schools more effective. We explored how visits can be linked to school improvement priorities and how effective planning and recording will lead to more productive visits.

    Consultant: Steve Barker November 2023

  • Chairs' Forum

    This interactive Better Governor session provided chairs and vice-chairs with an opportunity to discuss topics relevant to their role and to hear good practice examples from their peers.

    Consultant: Steve Barker November 2023

  • Pupil Premium Strategy - the role of governance in 2023/24

    (RECORDED OCTOBER '23) - This Better Governor session explored the role and function of the DfE requirements for each school to agree a Pupil Premium strategy. During the session good practice was shared on how governors should monitor this key aspect of their school's provision.

    Consultant: Steve Barker October 2023

  • Introduction to Safeguarding for new governors (NEW)

    With the expectation, in the 2022 version of Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE), that governors and trustees, as part of their induction, should all access Safeguarding Training, this session will provide that introduction to the principles of safeguarding and what effective governance of safeguarding should look like in the Autumn Term of 2022. The session provided a useful update for all governors, who are now expected, again in KCSIE, to regularly update their training.

    Consultant: Steve Barker September 2022

  • Better Governor Conference - Creating a Sustainable Future (March 2022)

    The 2022 Better Governor virtual conference looked to the future of schools and their governance as a response to both the pandemic and to last year’s COP26 world forum on sustainability.

    Consultant: Steve Barker March 2022

  • Hot Topics (Recorded April 2021)

    This Hot Topics webinar explored what is new and relevant to school governance, that may impact on effective governance in the Summer term 2021 and beyond. The topics included are; new rules relating to Pupil Premium reporting, Behaviour Hubs, Ofsted plans for inspection of schools, and the new Early Career Framework.

    Consultant: Steve Barker April 2021

  • The role of the School Business Manager and how it supports governance (Recorded March 2021)

    This Better Governor webinar explored how effective governance relies on effective working relationships between the School Business Manager(SBM)/Bursar and the Governing Board. We explored key aspects of the SBM/Bursar role highlighting where this supports timely decision making by the board and in turn, the board's effective strategic oversight of school finance.

    Consultant: Steve Barker March 2021

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