Coasting Schools - a definition!

Coasting Schools - a definition!

Consultant: Steve BarkerDate posted: July 2015

Nicky Morgan outlined the government’s definition of “Coasting School” on June 30th. The Secretary of State for Education confirmed that schools would be “eligible for intervention” if they’ve fallen below a coasting level for three years.


For secondary schools the coasting level is “60% of pupils achieving 5 good GCSEs or an above-average proportion making acceptable progress.” In 2016 the level will be based on Progress 8 – the government’s new accountability measure, reflecting progress between the end of primary school and GCSEs.


In primary, the level is set at “those schools who have seen fewer than 85% of children achieving an acceptable secondary-ready standard in reading, writing and maths” over 3 years, and who have seen insufficient progress. 

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