The role of staff and parent governors - what governors need to know

The role of staff and parent governors - what governors need to know

Consultant: Steve BarkerDate posted: February 2016

Governing Bodies in all maintained schools and most academies are constituted with a minimum of two parent governors and at least one staff governor. The role of these elected governors is often misunderstood by parents, staff and many other governors too. This article explores their role and seeks to bust a few myths surrounding their responsibilities.

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Better Strategic Planning Webinar July 2019

This Better Governor webinar, is an opportunity for all those involved in governance, in maintained schools and academies to reflect on the effectiveness of strategic planning in their school or trust. The Governance Competency Framework sets a clear expectation that Governing/Trust Board's focus on a strategic remit: effective strategic planning is implicit in this. Join us to explore the topic and engage in discussion on what effective practice looks like in 2019. This webinar will be facilitated by our governance experts Steve Barker and Linda Waghorn and will be a mix of input from them together with opinion polls and the opportunity to ask your own questions.