Competency Framework for Governance Webinar - 'People' (February 2017)

Competency Framework for Governance Webinar - 'People' (February 2017)

Consultant: Steve BarkerDate posted: February 2017

This webinar replay will bring you up to speed on the third competency area within the new framework that of 'People'. Watch the recording of the webinar here now....


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The fourth webinar in our series, on the new Competency Framework for Governance, focusses on the 'People' competency area. 


The DfE describe the Competency Framework as encompassing ‘the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed for effective governance in maintained schools, academies and multi-academy trusts.’ This fourth of seven webinars explores the People element of the framework in detail and will provide governors and clerks with an understanding of how this key element of effective governance can be shaped in your school or academy. 


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The webinar session is relevant to both maintained schools and academies.


The subsequent webinars will focus in turn on each of the other key competency areas. The next webinar in the series will take place on Tuesday 14th March and you can see this event here.

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