U-Turn on forced academisation?

U-Turn on forced academisation? - What you need to know

Consultant: Steve BarkerDate posted: May 2016

The Department for Education (DfE) announced on 6th May that it will not pursue plans, announced in the White Paper, Educational Excellence Everywhere, to compel all schools to become academies.


This article explores the detail in the statement and its implications for maintained schools and academies in England.

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Barring Parents from Schools - New DfE Guidance

The Department for Education has published guidance for maintained schools and academies advising them on how to control access to school premises, including barring parents and carers from schools. The guidance confirms that anyone on a school site, who should not be there, is trespassing. The guidance advises schools how to handle such situations. To read this article in full, log into your |Better Governor account or simply register, for free, by clicking the orange button.